“I personally work the land with my own hands”




Vignale di Cecilia is a small wine estate in the Veneto region that has been in the Brunello family for 45 years. I have inherited this land from my grandfather, Nello, and started labeling and bottling my production for the first time in 2000. Vignale di Cecilia is located in the Euganean Hills, a small angle of the Mediterranean close to Venice, Padua, Vicenza and Verona. The climate is moderate due to it’s closeness to the sea and the soil is composed of limestone and volcanic, absolutely unique and one of a kind in Europe.

I personally work the land with my own hands, caring for each wine I make in a unique manner.  I concentrate all of my energy on the planning and realization of the vineyard, looking to create extremely fine and elegant wines, innovative in taste profile, yet traditional in the technique. In total, my estate produces roughly around 30,000 bottles per year.
The proportion between quality and price is another constant goal in my research. My wines are placed at a price range that offers you the best quality of wine at a reasonable price.

Paolo Brunello, winemaker